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mCORE is working very hard to raise awareness about conditions that can lead to Sudden Cardiac Arrest and death in children and adults.

Prevention/Early Detection

The most effective way to prevent sudden cardiac arrest from occurring is to discover the conditions before they strike. This is why mCORE screens as many people as possible to prevent these real tragedies from occurring. In over 160 school locations, hospital programs and sporting events you can find a screening location and take action.

Education/CPR-AED Awareness

The defibrillator or AED is a device that shocks the heart back into its normal rhythm. CPR is also needed to keep the blood flow circulating throughout the body. The mCORE Foundation and mCORE educate students and communities on how to use these live saving tools to make a difference. (Click to donate to mCORE Foundation page or learn how to bring CPR-AED class to you).

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Did you know the primary warning sign of sudden cardiac arrest is fainting during exercise? If you did not, you are not alone. By working with media, state legislators, foundations and sports teams to raise awareness among coaches, parents and communities we will save lives.

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